Baltaş is producing yarns between Ne16/1 and Ne40/1 both single and double of 100% cotton carded; and 100% cotton combed between Ne16/1 and Ne60/1 both single and double.  Baltas also has thecapability of dyeing for any kind of yarn in any color such as 100% cotton, cotton-viscon, cotton-polyester and 100% polyester.

Baltaş gives priority and importance to trust worthiness, service and quality. Our plant,  which has ECOTEX certificate, is using the latest technology within each stage of production under the supervision of experience and qualified engineers.

Our values of reliability, consist of giving the right service to environment and society and above all giving emphasis to quality.  Baltaş Import&Export is in its state of excellence both in international and domestic market.


YARN FACTORY Please see below the photos of departments of the yarn Factory and the machinery park. Detaylı Bilgi


DYEING HOUSE The yarns,  %100 Acrylic, Acrylic/Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, Cotton and blended, Viscose and blended, Modal and blended, are dyed in both reactive and indantherene processes. Detaylı Bilgi